Dick CheneyThe press has incorrectly been using "transplant" to describe the procedure on former Vice President Dick Cheney, which implies there was a heart there in the first place. The correct word is "implant."TaxesStates do not pay income tax; individuals pay income tax. Federal law determines how much Social Security tax a worker pays and also how much federal income tax is paid on Social Security benefits. Federal income tax is paid on up to 85 percent of Social Security benefits. Each state determines how much state income tax is paid on Social Security benefits. Thirty-six states, including South Carolina, do not collect state income tax on Social Security benefits. In addition, railroad retirement income and disability retirement income due to permanent and total disability are not taxed by South Carolina.Purse theftTo the person who called in about locking a purse in the trunk of the car, I've known people who have done that. When they got back to the car, they saw their trunk had been broken into because someone saw them. I would suggest you do it before getting to the parking lot.Strip searchThe Supreme Court judges who ruled in favor of strip searches should have submitted to a strip search. Then, let's see what they have to say about it! Our rights as American citizens are being stripped away, literally, by the Obama administration. What's next? Oh yeah, our guns.Call our TalkBack hot line at (803) 644-2384 and leave your message, or leave one now at aikenstandard.com/submit-news/.