Update: Lucky has been adopted by an Aiken family.Lucky the dog was found as a stray two years ago and adopted, but he now needs a new home.Diane Johnson and Stewart Montague adopted Lucky in 2010 after Beverly Elgin and her two daughters found him in Bamberg. He was mangy, flea-bitten, emaciated and limped. However, Montague passed away recently, and Johnson is moving. Her new residence will not allow dogs."I hate to give him up. He needs a good home," Johnson said.Two years ago, the Elgins were returning from Florida when they spotted Lucky in the parking lot of a Bamberg grocery store. They couldn't ignore him. All that Amanda and her sister, Alina, had to do was turn imploring eyes on their mother, Beverly, and they were off after him.Lucky did not want to come to them at first, but the promise of Slim Jims proved to be too much.Beverly said Lucky was covered in fleas and ticks. He was emaciated, smelled horribly and was favoring one hind leg.The three took him into their Aiken home, made a bed for him and kept food and water nearby.For a while, Lucky could only lift his head to look at them before falling asleep again.Three months later, he had gained weight, was alert, clean, free of fleas and was playing with the family's two other dogs. A local vet performed surgery at no cost to fix his leg.Then, Johnson and Montague adopted him. But with Montague's passing, Johnson is moving and will be out of her home on April 10. She and Beverly are praying Lucky finds a home before then."He is an amazing dog. He is in picture-perfect health and shape, but time is running out. It really breaks my heart. I know someone in Aiken wants him," Beverly said.Lucky is neutered and housebroken, and Johnson said he gets along well with children and other cats and dogs."He's like a gentle giant. He's as happy as he can be," she added.Lucky is offered for adoption at no charge.For more information, contact Diane Johnson at 507-7886.Haley Hughes is the Aiken County government reporter and has been with the Aiken Standard since February 2007. Hughes, a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University, hails from Knoxville, Tenn.