FundraisingHow many parents, students, families and residents are tired of the rip-off school fund raising programs? Buy magazines, wrapping paper, cheese cake or candy, and some of the proceeds are supposed to go to the schools' needs. All of, or a huge percentage of the proceeds from fundraising should go to the cause. Car washes, band members playing in front of a business, outright monetary donation requests, etc., would stop this irritation. The shoddy fund raising companies are getting out of control. This situation is at home, family, friends, now all over the work environment. It reminds me of the "lifetime" light bulb fund raisers to benefit the disabled. I bought a bunch; they lasted about a month. Does anyone enjoy this part of the school year?Dogs in carsIn response to the dog locked in the van: Within the last two weeks, I've seen a dog and reported it to customer service at a store. The dog had no air or ventilation. I also saw a dog locked in the car with no windows down in a grocery store parking lot and called the Sheriff's department who then called the SPCA and they said it wasn't hot enough to be concerned about it. I sat out there watching for the owner for at least 30 minutes and never saw anyone come out. If you love your animal, take care of it and respect it.WhitneyRegardless of whether or not Whitney Houston was on drugs or drank, she was a person and a talented singer/actress. Remember her for the good things.Meaning of EasterTeach your children the real meaning of Easter. Not some stupid rabbit. Easter has nothing to do with that. The crucifixion and Jesus rising from the dead and ascending into the clouds. Forget about the bunny rabbit.Ridding molesDoes anyone know how to get rid of ground moles in the yard?Oldies stationIn this town of so many retirees, is there a place that has "easy listening" or "Oldies" music that the seniors can dance to? If not, I think it would be a big seller for an energetic entrepreneur to pursue. It would be great if someone would host weekly dinner and dance parties, too.Call our TalkBack hot line at (803) 644-2384 and leave your message, or submit at Readers' names are not necessary to make a comment and will not be published in the newspaper. Comments should be brief and to the point, and the Aiken Standard reserves the right to edit for space and content.