Building a restaurantWhat a nutty TalkBack on Tuesday about Obama and unions. It reads as if the author knows that Obama has something to do with the Cracker Barrel and road construction in Aiken. Why don't they call the actual people involved if they are so interested in the work schedule, which is really none of their business anyway? Nice to know that there are still people that are willing to work for minimum wage and no benefits when the company they work for is working hard to split their profits with the shareholders rather than their employees.Get trash picked upI am writing this letter to ask our county councilman (he will know who I am talking about) to help us get the trash picked up beside our road. It hasn't been picked in about four years. Mr. Councilman, the last time it was done, a real good friend of ours who is no longer living asked you to do this for us. By the way, at election time, you can put a campaign sign at my driveway. Thanks.Honoring RichardsonI am sure South Aiken High School will somehow honor their fallen graduate, Officer Scotty Richardson. I have a suggestion - name the football field after him.An emotional momentI was in line at a retail store and I noticed a woman in front of me was unable to pay for her items. She was purchasing clothes and food for her daughter who was sitting in the cart. The lady was very embarrassed and was about to leave the store when a man dressed in doctor's scrubs swooped over and paid her entire bill! She was very thankful, and she began to cry. The man declined her phone/email contact information as she wanted to contact him to repay him. As I sat back and noticed this random act of human kindness, I couldn't help but tear up myself.Ind.'s voter ID lawIndiana passed a voter photo ID law in 2008. It was reviewed and accepted by the Supreme Court in 2009. What was the effect since then? Minority participation in elections increased in Indiana. The current loud wailing and grinding of teeth about the South Carolina law is nothing more than a disgusting display of class warfare rhetoric.For the people!I am a black woman, but I am so sick of this prejudicial stuff that's going on. It should be for the American people. A lot of people don't have any jobs, and all I see in the newspaper is trimming this, cutting this. Be for the people. I wish I could run for president because I would be sure it'd be for the American people.