Several residents in the Cedar Creek community held cornhole playoffs this week, and the tournament is just one of many activities the group holds to keep life a little more exciting on the Southside of Aiken.Larrie and Susan Hurst host the cornhole games which Larrie began organizing about five months ago."My son went to Clemson and cornhole is a huge college sport, so whenever we'd go visit him, we'd play," Larrie said. "I decided it would be a great sport to play here."Every Thursday and Friday, a group of about 15 men, who make up two leagues, meet at the Hurst residence early in the morning to play the game; the gentlemen enjoy coffee, pastries and refreshments often prepared by Susan with help from other wives of cornhole players.Last weekend, the leagues started the playoffs, and a winner should be decided by Friday."And then depending on the weather, we'll start it up again in another three months," Larrie said. "It depends on how anxious these guys are to play cornhole."Jerry Wallens, another Cedar Creek resident who enjoys playing cornhole with the guys, leads a few outreach groups of his own."His activities keep you busy, and my activities keep you young," Hurst said, referring to one of his own groups called the Live Wire club, in which members go out to musical and dance events and dance very rapidly, despite the style of music or ambience of the event."Mainly, I'm trying to get these people who act young and think young; rather than focusing on the years piling on, we do things that are fun for us," he said."We try to do different things and keep people active," said Janet Wallens, Jerry's wife.Most notable is the group called Anything but Golf, she pointed out, where the sole purpose is to plan any outdoor activity except for golf."Some of the group members are golfers, so this is not to say that golfing is restricted," Janet said. "It's just that the point of the group is to arrange an outing to do anything else."Even putt-putt golfing is OK," she said. "Anything but golf.""The goal is to keep our minds busy with many things," added Jerry, noting that previous outings include corn maze walks, canoe trips and Audubon bird walks.Other meetings enjoyed by the groups include brunch rides on Sundays and Sips 'N' Snacks, where "everybody brings a bottle of wine and a snack to share," Janet explained. "We go to one person's house and chat and meet new people."The group said they prefer to keep the company of other Cedar Creek residents - not to ostracize any others, but to embrace the community they call home."This is a community of people who have really become cohesive and it's enjoyed by all of us," Jerry said.Hurst nodded his head in agreement."It's just part of building our community," he said.Ashleey is the arts and entertainment reporter for the Aiken Standard.