Porky Bradberry, who, on Monday afternoon, shot a cross-dressing man attempting to rob his Whiskey Road jewelry store in the face and took a gunshot to the arm himself, said he did what he had to do to protect his family.At approximately 1 p.m. Monday, Dominique Lemond Lee Fortenberry, 20, of Summerville, entered Porky Bradberry's Jewelry in the Mitchell Shopping Center wearing a pink and black dress, wig and high heels and attempted to rob the store, but Bradberry pulled his own gun and shot Fortenberry in the face.Fortenberry fired back, then fled from the store and was located a few hours later seeking medical treatment at an Augusta hospital.He was booked into the Richmond County detention center after undergoing surgery and is charged with armed robbery, according to Aiken Public Safety Lt. David Turno."I don't like shooting people, don't want to shoot people, but I have to protect myself and my family," Bradberry said Tuesday.Bradberry said he and his son, Keith, were in the store and saw Fortenberry - who they could tell was a man dressed as a woman - walking back and forth outside up to a dozen times about half an hour before the robbery.He even opened the door to the jewelry store, stuck his head in and left without entering the store, Bradberry said.Then, Fortenberry entered the store."He came in and he had a beautiful white gold cross, and he wanted to know what I'd give him for it. I said $100, so my son Keith went and got the $100 and brought it over to him, and then he reached into his pocket and pulled out a Glock pistol," Bradberry said. "He said he was going to kill us, or something to that effect."Bradberry typically carries a small, five-shot .22 Derringer in a case at his waist, and he said that, on Monday, he drew the Derringer and pointed it at Fortenberry."I was just standing there. I wasn't going to do anything until he threatened to kill us, and I heard the pistol either cock or the safety come out, and I shot him," Bradberry said.Bradberry said he shot once, hitting Fortenberry in the face, and Fortenberry fired four times as he was falling backward, shooting Bradberry in the right arm.Bradberry said he felt blessed because one of the shots hit a piece of metal in the glass showcase in front of him, missing him."I'm not a hero, I just protect myself and my family. I'm not going in the back room or getting on the floor face down, because too many people don't get up from there," he said.He said that the whole situation happened so quickly, and he was not scared when Fortenberry allegedly drew the gun on him."I believe he came in to kill us. I really believe that," Bradberry said, because Fortenberry cocked his gun and did not wear a mask. "I'm blessed I'm not killed or dead, and he's certainly blessed that he's not killed or dead. I'm glad he's not."Bradberry was taken to Georgia Health Sciences Medical Center, formerly the Medical College of Georgia, with non-life-threatening injuries and was released after a few hours.Fortenberry allegedly ran southbound down Whiskey Road, and, at some point, authorities believe he got into a vehicle and drove through the Aiken Estates subdivision, throwing items from a vehicle.On Tuesday, authorities arrested and charged Christie Janelle Jackson, 29, of University Parkway in Aiken with attempted armed robbery. She was identified as the alleged driver of the vehicle.Authorities said there was no surveillance footage of the attempted armed robbery, and Bradberry said he is in the process of installing a new surveillance system.Also, he said, he isn't worried about another armed robbery occurring at his store."Fifty-nine years of being in business, you know it could happen again, but probably not. As a matter of fact, me shooting him might deter someone else wanting to come," Bradberry said.Christie Janelle Jackson, 29, of University Parkway in Aiken was identified Tuesday as the driver of the getaway vehicle in which Fortenberry ran to after attempting to rob the jewelry store.Jackson faces charges for attempted armed robbery and is being held at the Aiken County detention center.Lt. David Turno said Fortenberry is not cooperating with authorities, but said Jackson stated she believed Fortenberry may have thrown his gun out the window in Aiken Estates, and 23 members of Aiken Public Safety searched the area on Tuesday afternoon.More than 20 members of Aiken Public Safety searched the area in Aiken Estates Tuesday afternoon looking for evidence - possibly to include a gun - from the armed robbery of Porky Bradberry's Jewelry on Whiskey Road.Public Safety is encouraging those who live in the area, particularly on Keer Drive, Gyles Road, Williams Drive, Loving Drive, Longwood Drive, Evans Road and Westwood Drive, to be extra cautious, as a weapon may be located in the area.If anyone finds anything suspicious, they are asked to call 911 immediately and not touch the evidence in any way.