These are the bookings recorded for the Doris C. Gravat Detention Center for July 20. Some of the people listed may not have actually spent time in jail if they posted bond and were released. Although those listed have been arrested and charged, that does not mean they have been found guilty. All bookings may be viewed online by visiting and clicking on the "Crime" tab.Geoffrey Laurence Southard, 52 -- failure to appear and pay family courtJoseph Michael Warden, 40 -- driving under suspensionJose DeJesus Salas Guerrero, 35 -- hold for Immigration Customs Enforcement, no driver's license second offenseTerry Leon Miller, 33 -- failure to appear and pay family court James Tyler Burckhalter, 21 -- illegal transport of legal liquor, driving under the influenceTerrance DeMarkus Devoe, 20 -- simple possession of marijuana, minor in possession of beer, driving under suspension first offense, open containerChristopher Maurice Washington, 19 -- minor in possession of beer, open container of beerOmar Bilal Watson, 25 -- driving under suspension bench warrantAl Willis Pollock, 46 -- driving under suspension third offense, disorderly conduct bench warrant, no seat belt bench warrantRhonda Denise Odom, 43 -- felony driving under the influence, child endangermentTerrell Kim Jenkins, 21 -- reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, driving under the influence first offenseShawn Elbert Couch, 28 -- driving under suspensionShaniqua Lavell Thomas, 25 -- shoplifting first offenseAnthony Monzale Oakman, 33 -- criminal domestic violence, malicious injury to personal property, assault and battery third degree, pointing or presenting a firearm, criminal domestic violencePernell Carter, 54 -- failure to appear and pay as orderedWilliam Jeffery Wooten, 47 -- shoplifting commitmentFrank David Allen, 30 -- family court failure to pay, hold for Greenville CountyWilliam Robert Giffin, 36 -- simple assault, shoplifting under $2,000 first offenseBrandon Neal Boatwright, 32 -- criminal domestic violence, hold for Williston Police Department, entering premise without permissionTodd Joseph Seeley, 25 -- family court failure to payMichael Victor Charlton Jr., 19 -- assault and battery of a high and aggravated natureDarryl Andre Williams, 38 -- family court failure to payBernard Scott Gymer Jr., 36 -- shopliftingAlbert Rhett Adams Jr., 51 -- failure to pay as orderedChristopher Reginald Pugh, 34 -- malicious injury, burglary, criminal domestic violenceChanee Lashae Williams, 22 -- malicious injury Jamel Rasheen Tyler, 18 -- assault and battery third degreeJamal Rashad Tyler, 20 -- false information to law enforcement, assault and battery third degreeJason Scott Fincher, 34 -- unlawful use of a telephoneHope Gabrielle McKevie, 37 -- assault and battery third degree