These are the bookings recorded for the Doris C. Gravat Detention Center for Aug. 13-15. Some of the people listed may not have actually spent time in jail if they posted bond and were released. Although those listed have been arrested and charged, that does not mean they have been found guilty. All bookings may be viewed online by visiting and clicking on the "Crime" tab.* Willard Clifton Johnson Jr., 39 -- driving under the influence* Robert Warren Jackson IV, 19 -- possession, conceal, selling of vehicle* Angela Jean Lott, 27 -- fraudulent check or stop payments* John Henry Frazier Jr., 23 -- robbery while armed with deadly weapon bondsman off bond, possession with intent to distribute marijuana within a half-mile of school, possession with intent to distribute marijuana bondsman off bond* Freddie Powell III, 21 -- armed robbery, possession of weapon during violent crime* Marvin Barefield, 22 -- armed robbery, possession of weapon during violent crime* Daniel Sean Breeskin, 32 -- violation of conditions of probation supervision* James Laverne Grubbs, 66 -- fraudulent checks or stop payment* Roy Thomas Fields, 44 -- fraudulent check or stop payment* Pascual Lopez, 31 -- no driver's license* Justin Wallace Land, 24 -- federally chartered banking* Nathan Cory Smith, 26 -- fraudulent checks of stop payment two counts* Tamieus Lavon Davenport, 24 -- criminal domestic violence* Pamela Denise Diles, 55 -- possession of less than one gram* Brettany Irene Martin, 18 -- shoplifting first offense* Timothy Wayne Brown, 33 -- criminal domestic violence* Gerald Robert Johnson, 41 -- no South Carolina driver's license, possession of crack cocaine* Everett Dean Branch, 19 -- minor in possession of beer* Wayne Anthony Freeman Jr., 19 -- failure to stop for a blue light, reckless driving* Christopher Lee Adams, 24 -- failure to pay family court* Layo Mark Stanback, 41 -- hold for Berkeley County Sheriff's Office* Brian Scott Sharp, 36 -- open container of beer* Elizabeth Christie Herron, 27 -- hold for probation and parole* Latasha Nicole Reed, 26 -- shoplifting $2,000 or less* Timothy Edwin Greer, 34 -- criminal domestic violence* Laura Suzanne Greer, 31 -- criminal domestic violence, assault and battery third degree three counts* Albert Carl McClendon, 67 -- driving under the influence* Toby Dernarn Holt, 40 -- criminal domestic violence* Pamela Hollfield Fishbach, 48 -- driving under the influence* Rachel Sarita Gardner, 20 -- driving under the influence* Brooke Nichole Blackwell, 17 -- minor in possession of beer, simple possession of marijuana, open container* Joseph Elijah Williams, 32 -- disorderly conduct bench warrant* Marion Levette Dunbar, 53 -- driving under the influence* Terrell Lashawn Murray, 25 -- disorderly conduct* Khaloab Keoyeon Anderson, 19 -- disorderly conduct* Casey Christian Kohler, 25 -- driving under the influence* Kimberly Denise Bloomer, 40 -- disorderly conduct* Lewis Brice Pierson, 38 -- disorderly conduct* Phillip Gregory Sharopshire, 43 -- driving under suspension first offense, driving under the influence* Justin Layne Horton, 23 -- criminal domestic violence* James Laval Bland, 19 -- driving under the influence, minor in possession of beer* David Earl Perkins II, 30 -- criminal domestic violence, assault and battery third degree two counts* Francisco Ramirez, 44 -- driving under the influence* Gelber Vitalino Lopez Clemonte, 26 -- no driver's license* Maurice Carter, 56 -- hold for Richmond County warrants* Calvin Marcel Patten, 37 -- shoplifting/enhancement third offense* Stewart Kelton Bibbs, 20 -- armed robbery bondsman off bond* Dennis Antoine Gleaton, 38 -- disorderly conduct* Larry Ansley Phillips Jr., 39 -- driving under suspension second offense* Tabbath Tanita Reddish, 19 -- leaving the scene of an accident, driving under suspension first offense bench warrant, possession bench warrant* Mario Antoine Butler, 26 -- driving under the influence* Ronald James Glover, 31 -- criminal domestic violence, simple possession of marijuana third offense* Ronald Prestin Brady, 19 -- burglary first degree, possession of drug paraphernalia* Horace Lester Barker Jr., 64 -- drug paraphernalia, hold for possession of crack cocaine* Latoya Patrice Vandiver, 25 -- driving under the influence* Michael Laron Jackson, 30 -- driving under the influence, driving under suspension, driving without license, unlawful use of a tag on another vehicle* Donyell Leon Edward, 30 -- disorderly conduct, possession with intent to distribute marijuana* Charles A. Edwards Jr., 38 -- simple possession of marijuana, disorderly conduct, no driver's license* Jonathan Wayne Rowan, 19 -- driving under suspension, improper backing* Misti Alecia Gallegos, 24 -- driving under the influence, simple possession of marijuana, driving under suspension* Leroy Allen, 56 -- driving under the influence* Ritchie James Lee, 47 -- child endangerment, driving under the influence* Jerma Donta Barnes, 28 -- possession with intent to distribute marijuana* Ella Celestine Holloway, 25 -- disorderly conduct* Tina Darlyn Bassett, 42 -- driving under the influence* Cathy Williams Hallex, 53 -- disorderly conduct* Edward Junior Johnson, 36 -- disorderly conduct* Tracey Lavette McNair, 40 -- open container in vehicle* Antonio Jermaine Green, 29 -- disorderly conduct* Magno Hernandez Hernandez, 26 -- thoughtless driving, no South Carolina driver's license* Cepeda Gerrod Broughton, 39 -- driving without a license, simple possession of marijuana* Travis Walter Lee, 27 -- driving under the influence* Richard Asinceo, 24 -- assault and battery third degree* Daniel Allen Meals, 20 -- malicious injury to animals, reckless driving, malicious injury to personal property, disorderly conduct* Christopher Nathaniel Parker, 23 -- hold for Jackson Police Department for possession, driving under suspension third offense, simple possession of marijuana* Anthony Glover Dixon, 19 -- assault and battery third degree* Alejandro Silva Lara, 19 -- no South Carolina driver's license