What exactly should you and shouldn't you wear to the Aiken Steeplechase?Dressing for success for the social event of the season can be a daunting task if you aren't exactly a fashion expert. The Aiken Standard and ASTV teamed up to help make selecting the perfect outfit a breeze for both men and women. ASTV's Mark Nelson and I decided to run a few examples of what we might wear to the Steeplechase by Managing Editor Mike Gibbons and News Channel 6's Joy Howe, both of whom have been to more than one Steeplechase. ASTV was there to catch it all on tape.For women, I knew the basics included a hat, an outfit with a splash of color and shoes in which I could navigate the dirt and grass. I ravaged my closet, trying to find the perfect outfit. Nelson knew he was looking for comfort and a touch of class in his style. But even with our basic knowledge, we quickly realized we were a disaster. I overdid it on the color, wore shoes that Howe said resembled horse hooves and missed the boat on the hat. Nelson ended up in wrinkled shorts, which was quite a surprise for this usually well dressed man.Each of us was sent on a shopping mission. I went to see Lillie May, fashion coordinator at Dillard's, and Nelson headed to Belk to meet with Lee and Amy in the men's department. They turned our disaster into a fashion statement.The key to dressing well for the Steeplechase is to wear something you feel good in. If you feel good in your clothing, you will wear the clothing with pride. For the spring season, accents of bright colors such as turquoise, pink or even peach are appropriate. For women selecting a hat, the brim should sit halfway between your shoulders and your face. This is the key to not looking like you are headed to the garden for a day of tilling soil. Nelson left Belk in just a few minutes with a stylish thin, all-cotton seersucker jacket with a Nautica light blue button-down shirt with a white collar and khaki slacks. Finishing off the look is a pink striped bow tie, adding just the right splash."I feel like a true Southern gentleman with class, sophistication and style," said Nelson about his new clothing.My shopping expedition took a bit longer as I tried on just about every dress. Just when I thought I had found the perfect look, a brown with white polka dot dress reminiscent of Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman," May dropped by my dressing room with a pantsuit.The second I put on the white Antonio Melani suit with a turquoise blue shirt underneath, I knew it was the perfect look for the Steeplechase. May asked me how I felt, and all I could say was "like a million bucks." Next we found a hat to complement the outfit, and now I am ready for the Steeplechase. Nelson and I will both be wearing our new outfits to this Saturday's event, and we hope you will drop by the Aiken Standard/ASTV area and show us your perfect Steeplechase outfit.Sometimes, when you aren't quite sure how to dress, it pays to go and see an expert. Tune in daily at 9 a.m., noon, 5:30 p.m. and 9 p.m. to ASTV's Living On the Go television show on Channel 95 on Atlantic Broadband to see ASTV's Mark Nelson and Rachel Johnson demonstrate the do's and don'ts of Steeplechase fashions.Contact Rachel Johnson at rjohnson@aikenstandard.com. Want to Watch?What? ASTV's Living On the GoWhen? 9 a.m., 12 p.m., 5:30 p.m. and 9 p.m.Where? Channel 95 Atlantic Broadband