By midweek, unwinding from the stresses of work and life is necessary; there are some new cats in town who are helping folks do just that.Four Cats in the Doghouse is a newly formed jazz quartet sharing its chops with Aiken audiences every Thursday from 6 to 8 p.m. at The Willcox. The combination of the music and ambiance create an atmosphere in which you can leave your worries behind. With a fireplace on either side of the room, Four Cats in the Doghouse take center stage in The Willcox as tables and couches fill with diners, music lovers and guests. Once the music starts, listeners are transported to a different era. The group consists of Scott Ferguson on the saxophone and flugelhorn, George Sykes on the stand-up bass, Bud Pabst on the drums and David Brown on the piano. The group formed late last year and added Sykes. The band performed one night in December at The Willcox and was so well received its has been asked to perform weekly. After three weeks, the crowds have been growing as word has spread. The group plays classic jazz including jazz standards such as "Here's That Rainy Day" and "Autumn Leaves." The band's focus ranges to include jazz of the '50s and '60s. "This is the perfect venue with the combination of the room and the music. This is not a bar atmosphere, and we play more of the listening kind of jazz that people really seem to enjoy," Ferguson said. "We want to please our audience.""We really love what we are doing here," Sykes said, as the others nodded in agreement. "We like to play music and just hope people will come out."As the group's reputation grows around the area, its members hope to add performances and are available to play private functions and parties. For more information, e-mail the band at Rachel Johnson at