Thousands of men and women wanted by the Aiken County Sheriff's Office for anything from victimless crimes to felonies have been publicly identified and listed on the County's website. The warrants can be accessed at The link is on the bottom right-hand side of the page."We currently have approximately 14,000 active warrants on file and on the website," said Capt. Troy Elwell, spokesperson for the agency.The list can be downloaded in PDF form and is 340 pages long.The warrants have been posted online in an effort to enlist the community's help locating people who have failed to turn themselves in, the captain said."Some of these cases have been on file for many years, and we currently obtain approximately 200 new warrants monthly," the captain said. "We hope by listing these cases on our website that many people will turn themselves in and we can eliminate some of the back log."The City of Aiken has had much success with a similar program launched several months ago.Aiken Public Safety Lt. David Turno said Public Safety has received hundreds of tips and quickly whittled down their list of 2,000 by several hundred."We update the list weekly, taking off the warrants that have been served and adding the new ones issued," the police lieutenant said.In the process of updating those lists, police have heard from residents who have found their deceased loved ones still listed as having active warrants."That is easy enough for us to verify, and we have been able to immediately remove those names," Turno said.Deputies with the Aiken County Sheriff's Office expect they will find much of the same.The online list is an inexpensive way for law enforcement agencies to notify the public of warrants.In the past, agencies have relied on mailers and other more costly means to try to clear cases."Like the County, we already have a webpage, and it doesn't take any more money to upload the names," Turno said.People who find their names on the website should turn themselves in early in the day, said Capt. Charles Barranco, detention center supervisor.Bond court is held daily at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Ideally, a person can appear before a judge and clear the warrant up the same day."They shouldn't come in at five minutes to five and expect to see a judge the same day," Barranco said.Deputies will try to get people processed in and out the same day, but there will be cases that have to wait."If there is a victim, that victim has to be notified, and that can take time," Barranco said.To access the County's website, visit with a tip or anyone who wants to surrender to the authorities should call (800) 922-9709 or go to the Aiken County Sheriff's Office at 420 Hampton Ave., N.E.To access the City's website, visit Karen Daily at