These are the bookings recorded for the Doris C. Gravat Detention Center for April 17-19. Some of the people listed may not have actually spent time in jail if they posted bond and were released. Although those listed have been arrested and charged, that does not mean they have been found guilty. All bookings may be viewed online by visiting and clicking on the "Crime" tab.* Angela Yvonne Howard, 41 -- possession of crack cocaine* David Earl Valentine, 51 -- fraudulent check nine counts* Jarrett Duane Dandridge, 22 -- possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, seat belt violation, false information to police* Dale Darrell Crawford, 45 -- distribution of crack cocaine two counts, possession of crack cocaine, driving under suspension first offense* Maurice Nathaniel Bell, 33 -- failure to pay family court bench warrant* Shameika Lashet Crawford, 22 -- no driver's license, false information to police, violation of child restraint, seat belt violation, speeding 45 in a 35* Currie James Thomas, 43 -- possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of crack cocaine, hold for the department of parole, distribution of crack cocaine, distribution, sale of drugs two counts* Andrea Shea Lowe, 25 -- shoplifting less than $1,000, no proof of insurance bench warrant, failure to register motor vehicle* Marcus Antonio Mitchell, 32 -- criminal sexual conduct with a minor 12 counts, lewd act upon a minor 10 counts, disseminating obscene matter, driving under the influence, child endangerment bench warrant * Mary Busbee Boyd, 62 -- criminal domestic violence* Harold Fonte Matheney IV, 17 criminal sexual conduct with a minor* Robert Allen Bechtelheimer, 32 -- family court/failure to appear two counts* Clyde James Hendley II, 31 -- receiving stolen goods, Aiken County Sheriff's Office hold arson second degree* David Norman Jr., 31 -- open alcohol in vehicle, driving under the influence* Harry Gene Butler Jr., 52 -- shoplifting/enhancement third offense* Travis Ray Whitten, 22 -- failure to appear family court* Jacob Edward Compton, 20 -- burglary second degree two counts, grand larceny two counts* Erica Christian Hatcher, 27 -- obtaining prescription drugs three counts, unlawful conduct toward a child two counts* Brandon Russell Brewer, 24 -- possession with intent to distribute* Gregory Alan Ames Jr., 29 -- driving under the influence second offense* John Steven Johnson, 51 -- driving under the influence second offense* Michael Cobbs, 36 -- simple assault and battery, possession of drug paraphernalia, simple possession of marijuana* Andrew Millard Murray, 47 -- shoplifting enhancement third offense* Cardaz Jermaine Daniel, 25 -- grand larceny, burglary* Michael Todd Kelsey, 38 -- hold for Greenville County, driving under suspension bring before issuing judge* Matthew Aaron Harris, 22 -- breach of trust with fraudulent intent* Nicholas Dumarcus Nichols, 28 -- unlawful carrying of a weapon, failure to stop for blue lights* Arshaw Bernard Bethelmie, 31 -- gross intoxication, possession of marijuana second offense* Jeremy Bobby Harper, 37 -- fraudulent check six counts* Melissa Jeanne Sawyer, 29 -- trespassing after notice* James Martin Robinson, 49 -- public drunk* John David James, 20 -- simple assault* Casey Christina King, 20 -- simple assault* Bradford Andre Thomas Jr., 30 -- criminal domestic violence, simple larceny* Brittant Marie Kosinski, 17 -- shoplifting first offense* Sabrina Marie Harmon, 18 -- shoplifting first offense* Willie Keith Ennis Sr., 37 -- failure to appear and pay* Kenneth Raphael Hannah, 43 -- assault and battery/common law* Willie Ricardo Gordon, 24 -- hold for Columbia County* Jason Mark Jones, 29 -- failure to appear and pay* Caroline Padgett, 47 -- driving under the influence first offense* Talmadge Edward Hutto, 49 -- possession of drug paraphernalia* Annie Mae Curry, 54 -- shoplifting/guilty plea* Larry Antione Rhaney, 26 -- criminal domestic violence, simple possession of marijuana* Deondra Leshone Adams, 45 -- shoplifting first offense* Chelsea Yvonne Phillips, 18 -- shoplifting* Eugene Johnson Jr., 55 -- criminal domestic violence* Felipe Jesus Trejo-Resendiz, 24 -- no driver's license, no proof of insurance, open container* Gavino Zamirez-Aguas, 24 -- disorderly conduct, open container* Aaron Sherod Bussey, 30 -- driving under suspension fourth offense* Dejuan Kenneth Nipper, 24 -- simple possession of marijuana, violation of the seat belt law bench warrant, failure to appear* Richard Brian Lapine, 46 -- failure to appear and pay two counts* Maranda Lynn Bunn, 29 -- disorderly conduct* Jeffery Keith Padgett II, 27 -- assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature* Joseph Marlin Bragg, 33 -- driving without a license* Jamar Nicholas White, 24 -- possession with intent to distribute, false information to police, hold per National Crime Information Center for South Carolina Probation, Parole and Pardons* Caitlin Patricia Huston, 23 -- simple possession of marijuana, driving under the influence* Quentin Xavier Corley, 21 -- no South Carolina driver's license* Kwame Laquan Jones, 18 -- open container of beer in a motor vehicle, simple possession of marijuana, minor in possession of beer, resisting arrest/failure, possession of cocaine, driving under suspension first offense, possession of drug paraphernalia* Willie Edward Crafton II, 23 -- failure to comply* Ebony Chyvonee Johnson, 27 -- operating an uninsured vehicle, fraudulent check less than $500, expired vehicle license bench warrant, driving under suspension bench warrant* Joshua Michael Bell, 29 -- failure to stop for blue lights, hold for Richmond County Sheriff's Office* Cornell Sharod Potts, 30 -- driving without a license* Carl William Causey, 48 -- violation of a restraining order* Sheryl Lynn Kelly, 49 -- assault and battery* Hannah Turner Couch, 30 -- assault and battery* Shannon Rebekah Grindle, 20 -- criminal domestic violence