Aiken Preparatory School will introduce a kindergarten program for 3-year-olds in fall 2009, head of school Deborah Taussig-Boehner has announced.For several years, parents and other families have requested programs for their younger children, she said."We have determined that the establishment of this program will further enhance the ability of our school to meet the needs of the Aiken community," Boehner said.Denise Housman, an Aiken Prep faculty member for the last 12 years, will direct the program and serve as the teacher. She previously established the school's summer camp program.The emphasis for the 3K class will be on appropriate stimulating development activities, Housman said."We recognize the fact these children are just beginning their educational journey," she said. "But they must be grounded in the skills that are the basis for their future success."The class will concentrate on foster social skills, such as taking turns, expressing feelings and problem-solving, Housman said. Opportunities will be provided for imaginative play, which is so important to children at age 3. She also will focus on academic skills to prepare children for the next step."We are particularly sensitive to respecting the developmental timelines unique to each child and making the 3K program one that each child looks forward to attending," Housman said.The 3K class will operate Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Parents may choose a two-day, three-day or five-day program. For more information, contact the Aiken Prep admissions office at 648-3223.