The Willcox Inn will be featuring digs, spikes, blocks and sets as part of a new pool volleyball league organized by Aiken resident Todd Stilp.The games will be casual and will offer an informal setting with the Willcox Inn being one of the venues, said Stilp. Topspins, floats and underhand serves will add to an environment renowned for its outstanding hospitality. Stilp brought the idea to the Willcox Inn's Geoff and Shannon Ellis, Mattie Sayer and Tina McCarthy. There will also be games held at the homes of people who are involved with the league, said Stilp. The hope is to have as many as 10 teams, with each roster composed of eight to 10 team members. The maximum number of players on each team in the pool at one time will be limited to six, said Stilp."The Willcox was going to put a team in, and then I started talking with the restaurants. I talked to Sam (Erb, West Side Bowery) and the Aiken Brew Pub," said Stilp, "We're building interest through word of mouth, This is a great way to get more people to come out to the Willcox, and make people realize that this is an everyday place, a casual place."Several of the players and teams that participated Sunday see pool volleyball as a great way to beat the heat."I have a pool at my house, and it's designed for volleyball," said West Side Bowery's Sam Erb. "I always played as a kid. It's a lot of fun. We're trying to make this a family outing. It's really nice that the Willcox is able to open this up."