Immigration policy

All immigrants or any foreigners coming to the U.S.A to live, they should all be given six months, in which time they are to study to become a citizen and also be required to speak our language. They could therefore also pay taxes to help support the county, state and the U.S. They shouldn’t live here without helping to support the country as a whole. After six months, if they don’t qualify, send them back where they came from.

Dabo Swinney

I saw in the paper that Dabo Swinney was saying his team wasn’t ranked high enough. The fact is, they ain’t played anybody this year.

Paper burning

It certainly is convenient the state department had a fire. I wonder what papers were burned. Was it something they were supposed to bring to the congressional hearing? It sounds very suspicious to me.

Andrea’s column

I would like to know what happened to Dr. Fred Andrea’s column that was in every Sunday. It was an inspiration to a lot of people.

Vacation time

In response to the paid vacations at SRS: These people that do so much complaining about it, if they’d only get up off their butts and go to work, they’d get the same things us employees at SRS get. I work there. I get six weeks of vacation, and I work hard to get it.

Paid vacation

The government is not the only place that gives it’s employees paid vacation. A lot of companies do, and not everybody gets six-plus weeks of vacation. Your vacation is based on how long you have worked there, and it takes a long time to earn six weeks. It is not our fault that you work someplace that does not give you vacation or that you do not work outside the home at all. It is really none of your business, so why be so hateful?