AGY, a leading global producer of glass fiber yarns and high-strength glass fiber reinforcements based in Aiken, has announced it has introduced a new glass fiber with an unprecedented tensile modulus of 99 GPa (14,359 ksi) – a level not previously seen in commercial glass fiber products.

Called S-3 UHM glass, this ultra-high modulus material was developed using AGY’s advanced modular direct melt production technology and utilizes a unique formulation of S-Glass raw materials to develop the mechanical properties, the company said.

According to AGY President Drew Walker, “The creation of our improved fiber manufacturing technology coupled with an in-depth understanding of the constituent chemistries enabled us to develop this new material which increases the tensile modulus by 40 percent above that of traditional E-Glass fibers.”

The company said the new material will allow designers and manufacturers to use glass fiber reinforcement in areas previously limited to other types of fibers.

“It is an exciting opportunity for our customers,” said Walker. “It brings a new level of tensile modulus to the arena of glass fiber without losing any of the unique properties that glass brings as a component of composites such as electrical and thermal insulation, and high impact absorption and low coloration of the resin system.

“It shows how AGY is developing glass technologies to meet the demands of the marketplace and highlights our ability to translate customer needs into products in the glass fiber arena. Our new S-3 UHM glass fibers will be a unique fiber in the market, offering a new level in the ability of glass fibers to meet the demands of a broad range of applications.”