Shop local or go to drive-in: Aiken offers options for long weekend

Editor’s Note: This weekend round-up of events will run every Saturday. If you have an event happening on Saturday and/or Sunday and would like to be included in this list, email sturner@aikenstandard.com no later than Thursday at 10 a.m.

ARTS AND HUMANITIES: University showcases home of South Carolina statesman

“John C. Calhoun,” the name conjures up a host of associations. To some, he was a great Southern statesman, a significant 19th-century political theorist who defended the privileges of the planter class of his native South Carolina and surrounding region by promulgating the principle...

Other views: Scott Walker and the walling off of reason

Walling off the U.S. from Canada is “a legitimate issue for us to look at,” Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said on “Meet the Press” last weekend.

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